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Our Bath Bomb Recipe

Although all bath bombs look similar on the outside they are not all created equal. There are numerous more inexpensive bath bombs on the market than ours but they will leave you unimpressed. The biggest complaints about cheap bath bombs are that they barely have any scent and they don’t leave your skin feeling soft and that is because both of these ingredients are expensive. Simply said, our bath bombs have more fragrance, more skin softening ingredients, more colour and are much larger in size than most others. That’s how you create a luxury bath bomb that our clients fall in love with. After trying our bath bomb we are confident that you will become “Simply Addicted”.

 In making our luxury bath bombs here is a list of our ingredients in the order of cost, most expensive to least. Listed below, our second and third most expensive ingredients are what make our bombs so nice and are rarely found in our competitors bombs.

  1. Fragrance Oil
  2. Bath Starch (A skin softening ingredient)
  3. SLSa (Creates a blanket of foam bubbles on the surface of the water)
  4. Baking Soda
  5. Citric Acid
  6. Coconut Oil
  7. Cornstarch
  8. Colour




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